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Our values

  • At GitGuardian we develop solutions that are: innovative, technical and disruptive 
to the market. This is possible thanks to the most valuable asset we have, our team. We promote a culture of altruism 
and support so everyone has opportunities 
to both learn and share skills in an encouraging environment. We must always feed our curiosity and knowledge but, importantly, we must also document 
it for future generations of Guardians. 

  • We have the ambition to grow fast 
and we know that doing so involves failing regularly. Making mistakes and failing 
is a sign of innovation and self growth which are actively encouraged. 
But mistakes and failures are destructive 
if we learn nothing from them, we promote all Guardians to fail smart: take ownership, learn, be pragmatic and propose evaluated solutions. 

  • We dare to be ambitious and Guardians 
are committed to this ambition. We are 
all hands-on and pro-active people, 
going the extra-mile and thinking 
out of the box. GitGuardian successes are all Guardians successes. Being operational, committed, and proactive are keys to success at GitGuardian. We always reward the things that make us grow!

  • The very technical industry in which 
we operate requires us to be analytical, precise, detailed, and to innovate with 
an iterative approach. Guardians are far-reaching and love a job well done. 
We hypothesize, analyze, measure our results (#datalover) and evolve our 
work and our approach to the challenges we face.

  • As we grow up, it is easy to lose sight 
of what defines us. We are aware of our shortcomings, 
and in order to progress in a positive environment we expect everyone 
to remain humble, to continue to learn from their peers, and to remember that 
we do not succeed alone but as a team!

  • So far it has been a very rewarding journey, at GitGuardian I am given a lot of freedom to explore and improve projects across the company. I have been able to work on both commercial applications as well as maintaining open-source projects to help developers keep their code secure.


    Backend Developer

  • GitGuardian has a strong technical DNA within a demanding environment with a big focus on engineering. It is the perfect company for me to build up my skills and share with highly qualified colleagues. I was also amazed by the thorough but fast paced onboarding, after a few weeks in the team, my first detector was rolled out to production!


    Software Engineer