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Our Wall of Fame ✨

  • I have a great team members so I feel challenged!

  • Working at GitGuardian is keeping your brain busy. Fast growth is a reality but I only see the positive of it. We are not growing at the expense of processes, structure and solid foundations.

  • I love that I have the time to produce features that have the level of quality I would expect.

  • Our culture is a 100% no bullshit culture and our product has a very original go to market.

  • We are informed of all the strategies and the current progression of the startup, it is very transparent.

  • Creativity is encouraged. Autonomy is a reality.

  • Our culture isn’t "startup bullsh*t". We are not forcing employees to be friends to involve them emotionally!

  • The product we build is one of the most interesting parts to me, it's something that I could definitely be a user of (and actually am). As a dev, it’s great to build a product for peers.

  • For real, the tech stack is clean (no huge legacy, good practices ...)

  • The co founders are accessible (I talk to them almost every day, in other startups they would be so busy that they wouldn't have the time to talk with us / eat with us